Helicopter filming rates

Helicopter positioning.                                        

Helicopter only (inc. pilot).                                

Additional hour (or part thereof).                        

Helicopter & HD gimbal (inc. gimbal operator).

Additional hour.                                                    

Plus vat.

Basic Drone    (4K phantom pro)  

single operator     

DSLR Drone    (4K Lumix GH4)     

two operators          

Award winning Hovercam (Red Epic / arri 11C)  

two operators          

(RED EPIC hired seperately).

Basic drone

DSLR drone


Drone filming rates

£  550 / hr

£  750 / hr

£  750 / hr

£1250 / hr

£  950 / hr

News: Hovercam aerial filming has won two Academy Awards for technical achievement:

To Philip George and Gifford Hooper of Hovercam for the continuing development of the Hovercam miniature helicopter camera system.


£750 / day

£1150 / day

£1950 / day